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PR For Generation Z

Who Is Generation Z? Although it is common to refer to anyone under 35 as a ‘millennial’, those born between 1997 to 2012 are actually part of ‘Generation Z’. They are the first generation to have only ever known what it feels like to have technology


Three Top Tips For Content Creation

Create Content For Your Customers When producing content do not think about your sales message, focus more on what your customer is seeking. Your customer, or potential customer, will not read something that is not relevant or offers value to them, so if you are not producing

What is PR

What is PR and why should you care?

Public Relations – or PR as it's usually referred to – should be an essential element of your sales and marketing plan. PR is about increasing your credibility, it’s the process of building a reputation and attracting the best staff. I use the present perfect progressive tense on


Finding The Right Tone.

When you wish to start writing your own content, whether it be for your brand’s blog, social media or even press releases, it is important to first establish the tone you will be using. Failing to find the right tone for your brand might make