Video Killed The Radio Star-But It was Great For Social Media.

Video Killed The Radio Star-But It Was Great For Social Media. 

Most businesses are finding that video posts are gaining the most organic interaction on social media so what better way to get the passion you have for your business across, than in a short video.

Don’t be afraid, it isn’t as difficult as it sounds and in this month’s blog we are going to share our top five tips for creating a video post.

1. Think about the platform.

Videos work really well on Instagram. It used to be that Instagram would stop your video playing at 60 seconds so you really had to think about your content and try to fit it in under a minute. Now, this has changed, it gives you the option to “continue watching on IGTV” when it pauses it at 1 minute so your followers can then click through and watch the whole video.

Twitter only allows short videos so you can record a separate video to point people in the direction of Instagram or Facebook to watch the full video. Frustrating but necessary.

Facebook is no problem in terms of the length, you can upload any size for your viewers to watch. If you’re feeling brave, you can work up towards using a Facebook Live feed and just go for it! This is available for viewers to watch later too, if they don’t catch the live show.

Don’t forget about YouTube too. It is the perfect platform to upload to and create a following. You can then post on social media to ask people to subscribe to your channel.

Just a tip-make sure you always film in landscape mode, even if that just means tipping your smart phone!

2-Staging your video

Think about what your viewers will see. Don’t stand in front of something that is overly distracting or that you might block. If there is a sign behind you, make sure you stand far enough in front of it that the whole sign can be read in the video. Try not to block any lettering.

Is it dark where you are standing? Make sure you move to a spot that is as naturally lit as possible. Artificial lights, especially strip lights, can play havoc with the camera.

Make it interesting. A blank wall may have a positive effect on your lighting but it isn’t very interesting. Most platforms play the videos automatically as viewers scroll so make sure that at a quick glance the video is eye catching and will stop people in their tracks.

3-It’s all in the angle

Always set the camera up slightly above you but angled down. If you need to sit down so that you’re lower than the lens, that is fine. Just make sure your face and at least your neck and shoulders are visible.

Rater than standing face on, try standing at an angle slightly turned away from the camera and instead of staring into the lens, look past the top of it for a more relaxed approach.

4-Content is key

So, you’re all set up to film but have you planned what you’re going to say? Some people are able to just improvise on the spot and have the ability to speak very fluidly about their subject matter. Others need a script and that is just fine! Take time to plan out what you need to include in your video.

Here are some key areas to cover;

  • Introduce yourself and your business
  • Why you are making the video
  • Special offer or news
  • Call to action-what should your customers do next
  • Thank you for watching/see you next time


Watch your finished video before you post it. Don’t get hung up on how you sound or look, just make sure that the messaging is clear and you are speaking clearly.

Now you have the tips and the tools, get ready for lights, camera, action!



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