Three Top Tips For Content Creation

Create Content For Your Customers

When producing content do not think about your sales message, focus more on what your customer is seeking. Your customer, or potential customer, will not read something that is not relevant or offers value to them, so if you are not producing content that solves your customers problems or meets their needs, then you are wasting your time.

Re-Use Content

It takes time, effort and money to create content so when you have finished producing it, whether that be a brilliant press release, blog post or infographic, make sure it is used more than once. The term us marketers use is to ‘repurpose’ content, this means re-sharing content across multiple channels and even using the original content to make further content in different forms i.e. turning a blog post into a video. Don’t forget if you are re-purposing content to ensure it is still relevant, there may be some tweaking involved.

Content Isn’t Just For New Customers

When producing content, some businesses get stuck on trying to acquire new customers however don’t forget your existing customers in the process. It is far easier to up/cross sell to previous customers and creating content can help. Use content to not only draw in new buyers but also to keep existing customers happy and build a community around your brand.

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