PR For Generation Z

Who Is Generation Z?

Although it is common to refer to anyone under 35 as a ‘millennial’, those born between 1997 to 2012 are actually part of ‘Generation Z’. They are the first generation to have only ever known what it feels like to have technology at their fingertips. They are growing up in a time of extreme media influence and they are well informed on trending issues. As such, they are shown to be opinionated and activists, particularly online and in relation to environmental and social matters. This generation seriously considers businesses’ impact and roles in society when choosing where they spend their money and time.
Studies* have shown that Gen Z are particularly inspired when members of their own generation take a stand on important issues, they also rely heavily on social media to learn about such changes and make their own impact. When it comes to businesses, most Gen Zers believe that companies have a duty to help with social and environmental issues and many will research a business’s stance on certain topics before purchasing from them.

What Does This Mean For Your PR?

Firstly social media should be seen as a key tool to communicate with this generation, your brand should be showing up where they spend most of their time online ie YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat. But remember you have a very short amount of time to grab their attention, it is generally only eight seconds before they have flicked past your content. When producing content make it shareable and include positive messages that appeal to their activist natures. This is the best way for your content to go viral, or at least find more people. Your messages should ensure Gen Zers feel listened to, that you are supporting change and you are a brand with a purpose.
*Porter Novelli/Cone Gen Z Purpose Study, 2019 –
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