Take A Close Look At Your Brand.

Please make sure you have read Part 1 on Finding the Right Tone before reading this post

Once you have considered your customers and the way they communicate, it is time to take a closer look at your brand – and Part 2 is here to help you with it!

Part 2: What is your brand about? What are your brand values? What emotions would you like your brand to instill in customers?

Studying your customers’ habits and attitudes will allow you to identify the kind of tone that resonates with them, forming a solid base to build your own tone on. To make your tone really your own, however, you must reflect on your brand next: what is it about?

Think about what differentiates you from your competitors, and consider your brand values: is your brand about the fun it brings customers, or maybe about exceptional quality? Is it about family values, or maybe prestige?

Consider what sets you apart and what you are most proud of, then make sure your tone reflects it. It’s simply a case of putting your best assets forward by being clear and confident about them.

Based on those values and assets, define the emotions you would like your brand to instill in your customers. For example, a prestigious spirit brand will inspire different emotions in a shopper than a family-owned homemade jam brand: that is not only totally fine, but absolutely essential!

A clear knowledge of your values, assets and the emotions you’d like your brand to evoke will ensure your communications are coherent, and will maximize their impact. To complete the series on tone, we will focus on the type of content to be created, as well as on where it will be published next week. See you soon!

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