Finding The Right Tone.

When you wish to start writing your own content, whether it be for your brand’s blog, social media or even press releases, it is important to first establish the tone you will be using. Failing to find the right tone for your brand might make your communications inconsistent across platforms, or worse – not representative or unique to your brand.

To make the most of your communications, there are three elements to consider: the brand, its customers, and the kind of content to be created.

This week, we embark on a new, three-part series in which we will offer a few questions to reflect on when you set out to find the right tone. So grab some sticky notes, and let’s get brainstorming!

Part 1: Who are your customers? How do they communicate? What do they read?

  • First, reflect on your customers: who are they? Think about the age groups they belong to, about their likely occupations and interests, and about the things that matter to them most.

  • Once you have defined your consumers’ profiles, consider the way your customers communicate. This will give you an idea of how best to reach them: if you find that they are frequent Instagram users, it might be worth investing into good quality brand images or photos to catch their eye; if, on the other hand, you notice they listen to the radio on their commute home, you could invest in a radio spot.

  • Last but not least, try and identify the kind of content, or even publications, your audience reads. This will help you establish the kind of tone your customers are already used to, and tailor your own tone to fit them best.

We hope you found the first part of this series helpful! Now that we have an idea of the customers and their habits, next week we will focus on understanding the brand behind the content to be published.

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