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Discover which marketing activities you should be doing and when to grow your business. 


Bespoke communications strategy to focus your budget and time on the right platforms.


Monthly communications strategy and timelines to keep you on track and save time.

Sharpen your brand

Okay, so what do I need to do to get started?

1. Stay Sharp

Sign up to Stay Sharp and access great content, reminders and nudges on what you need to be doing for your growing business.

2. Sharpen your brand

Choose Sharpen Your Brand for a completely bespoke brand strategy session with our team of food marketing experts.

3. Sharp planners

Our Sharp Planners programme will keep you on track, thinking strategically about your next steps, saving you time and money.

Need help choosing the best plan?

“AJ was brilliant - she helped me ease my way through the fog of PR and Social Media with simple, straight forward tasks, enabling us to plan and schedule our PR activities, focussing on our core business objectives. Thank you AJ, highly recommended.”

Sarah Robinson
South Brockwells Farm Shop Ltd, Little Horsted

“We engaged AJ and the team to work with us to help us focus our strategy for the next couple of years. We weren’t quite sure how best to move forward. AJ and Amy clearly understood our business needs, helped us prioritise what we should do and provided insightful advice using their experience working with other businesses. They gave us structure to our product ideas and really clear, achievable actions. We now feel we have a good handle on what we need to do, have moved from “overwhelmed” to “excited”, and are really looking forward to working with Sharp Relations again in the future.”

John Waddy
The Kentish Soap Company

“All the information you have given are very helpful and it's great to have some new ideas for our marketing strategy! You clearly know what you are doing and we appreciate all your advice.”

Dexter Thomas
Soul Chef Kitchen

“I wasn't sure whether or not to sign up for the 1-to-1 session as I'm a fairly small business at the moment but so glad I did. The information and tips we talked through have really helped me see where I should/need to be heading. I now have a better structure in my mind of where and how I can progress my business in using the marketing tools we discussed. So helpful, I can definitely see myself coming back to you at some point in the future.”

Viveka Gaillard
Viv’s Microgreens

“Running a food delivery business means it can be hard to find the time to work on PR and marketing. However, speaking to Sharp Relations was such a valuable use of an hour, I wish I'd done it earlier. AJ and Amy were so helpful, giving me lots of useful tips and pointers, and really got me thinking about where I want the business to go in the future. Their approach was strategic and smart, and I'd have no hesitation in recommending their services to any other small business.”

Georgina Burrows
owner of Sussex Eggspress