PR Timing

PR Timing

To generate great PR for your business, timing is critical. Depending on the news story you may need to start thinking about PR up to six months before your busy season, whether your ice cream sales boost in the warmer months or your gift box company comes into its own on the run up to Christmas you need to plan well in advance to get the best PR results possible.

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As for media we can give you a quick user guide on how long you need to plan in advance to get into different types of publications:

  1. Websites, can turn a press release into content in a matter of days or hours.
  2. Newspapers, depending on the story it might appear in the press the very next day, a few days later or a week or two later. News tends to be quickest and features tend to take longer.
  3. E-zines, depending on how frequently the e-zine is published will depend on how long it takes for your coverage to appear but you’ll be safe if you think of them as needing the similar time scales to printed consumer magazines.
  4. Blogs, depends entirely on the nature of the blog and the story if they are testing or reviewing a product properly they will need time, could be days or weeks.
  5. Supplements and Consumer Magazines, usually need at least six weeks at the very least to turn a piece around, it would be better to pan for two to three months in advance.
  6. Glossy Magazines, are the Rolls Royce of PR opportunities, these publications need more time to write, shoot, design, set and print. Most publications will be working on editions between four and six months in advance.

All lead times will vary from publication to publication so the above is just a guideline. For the most accurate lead times you will need to phone up the publication and ask which edition they are working on.

Look out for our blogs offering tips and advice on how to generate PR for your business.

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