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Which social media platforms to use and why?

When you set up a new social media platform it can feel a bit like you’re talking to yourself in the beginning. And let’s be honest for the first wee while, you are. But if you do it right, it doesn’t feel lonely for long.

When you’re getting started it’s imperative that you use the correct social media platform to reach each audience you wish to engage.

Facebook: Let’s be honest, just about everyone has a Facebook page. My mum, your great auntie Margaret and Bill the window cleaner all have Facebook pages. Why? The top three reasons for most consumers are:

1.  Staying in touch and sharing photos with friends and family members

2. Making new friends and contacts though groups

3. Everyone is using Facebook

So my advice is to tread carefully when using Facebook to promote a business. The content you share needs to be something that users won’t mind hearing about during their ‘relaxation’ time. Think about the time of day as well as the content you post. 

Twitter: Unlike Facebook, not everyone has a Twitter page and the 140-character format doesn’t translate as well to consumer usage as it does to:

1.  Businesses – nearly all have a twitter account

2. Celebrities

3. Media

Have this audience in mind when you are growing your Twitter following. Aim to connect with businesses that support your network such as suppliers, stockists and distributors. Tailor your content appropriately for this audience and be sure to @mention all primary contacts. On Twitter you can get your message in front of journalists and national buyers, just like that. It’s important to get your #hashtags right.

LinkedIN: Used heavily by recruiters as your profile takes the format of an online CV, but it isn’t only recruiters looking to connect. It is the perfect tool to find and be found by contacts so make sure your profile is up to date. If you want to make personalised approached to specific buyers and owners then it can be worth upgrading to PRO. It is good to interact within groups relevant to your industry and perhaps even post some “news updates” once a month.

Instagram: Personally, Instagram is my favourite social media outlet. Why? Because it is almost free of advertising and spam. It is just a stream of photos and quips from friends I like and brands I follow. It’s incredibly simple and it works. This is not an outlet on which you can be pushy; if people like what you post, they will follow you. The trick to being found on Instagram is getting the #hashtags right so the right people can find you.

Now you know, let’s get social!


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