Welcome to PR Toolkit, a one-stop-shop for all your food drink or lifestyle business PR needs.

We have put together the toolkit you need to promote your food, drink and lifestyle business. We really believe that the most passionate person to create PR for your business is you. Now, with the help of PR Toolkit, you’ll have affordable tools and training to produce great PR opportunities for your food, drink or lifestyle business.

Although PR Toolkit is web-based we are a real team of people behind the platform. You can arrange to speak with one of our experienced team members at any time and you’re just as likely to get our founder AJ Stanning to advise you on your PR strategy. Just click here to schedule a call.

There’s so much to benefit from joining PR Toolkit. As soon as you sign up for you’ll be asked to book an initial telephone consultation to set your PR objectives for the quarter. We will put together a PR Strategy with the use of your media wall planner to define what will be right for your brand. You will have access to press release templates, live press alerts, trade press forward features, special offers on training workshops and access to bolt-ons to boost your PR activities whenever you need them.

Look out for our blogs offering tips and advice on how to generate PR for your business.

In the meantime join the PR Toolkit Business Club on facebook for free group.

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