Tips For Writing a Business Blog

Tips For Writing a Business Blog

Many business websites have an unused or unloved and infrequently updated blog. It is often the last thing on your mind when you are working on your PR but it can be a great way to improve your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO) and point more consumers in your direction. It also adds personality to your business and can distinguish your company from your competitors, while showcasing your expertise in your chosen field.

It can be time-consuming to run a blog but with our top tips you should be able to enjoy the process and reap the benefits for your business.


Try to establish a niche topic.

If you are too generic, you will fade into the abyss that is the world wide web and your content may not be memorable or different to that of your competitors. Find an angle that is suitable for your business and your level of expertise but only write about topics about which you are confident in!

Write content that will stand the test of time.

It takes a lot of effort to write blog posts and if you are writing content that will only be relevant for a short amount of time, you can see how this activity would not survive a cost:benefit analysis. Try to write posts that you can envisage being applicable for many years to come, this means you and your readers will be able to re-share your article many times, which will continue to attract new readers, and therefore new clients to your website.


Once you have written a post for your blog, do not think of it as a one-off activity. You need to continue to re-share your post because this will help attract the most amount of readers. Sharing across your social media networks and email subscribers list is a fantastic way to spread the word about your business but remember to distribute your content more than once! Don’t just share it once, keep sharing it: just because a link is sent out on your social media, does not mean that every one of your followers has seen it, nor were they all in a position to read the article or feel that the topic was relevant at that particular moment. This is why it is so important to re-share your posts as much as possible and make all of your typing worthwhile. Do just make sure the information included in the post is still correct.

Make blogging a habit.

If you set aside a certain amount of time every week or month to write a blog post, you will start producing regular content for your readers. The most successful blogs are creating content consistently and this will also help consumers easily find your content via social media and search engines. Also the more you blog, the easier you will find it to write. It is true that once you get into the flow of writing it is hard to stop and if you are writing regularly the dreaded writer’s block will find it harder to take hold.

Blogs can contain more than writing.

If writing is not your forte, good news you can still create a blog! If you’re fearful of being able to type 1,000 words; picture led galleries, vlogs and podcasts can be another way to share your valued knowledge and opinions. Certain social media channels often value video content over written content and podcasts have seen a huge boost in the last five years. Do not give up on having a business blog if you don’t see yourself as a writer, there are plenty of other mediums out there where you can let out your creative side, promote your business and help potential customers find you.


Good luck with your business blog and remember to let us know below where we can find your new content!

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