Should My Business Be On Pinterest?

Should My Business Be On Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media network that allows users to share, discover and browse images that others have posted. Pinterest is often described as a virtual pinboard, inspirational moodboard or bookmarking tool. Users typically save “pins”/images (with links to the original weblink) to named “boards” to keep their collections organised.

With brands such as John Lewis, Hunter, White Stuff and Toyota valuing the site for its conversion rates, should you join these respected brands by adding your business to the site?

Here’s why we think you should consider using Pinterest for your business:

  1. The large number of users – there are over 150 million pinners and depending on your target audience this could be where your potential purchasers are looking for inspiration before shopping or working with you. 54% of women aged 34-55 are on Pinterest and over 35% of them have a household income of over £75,000 pa.
  2. Pinners are looking to spend – unlike other social media platforms, those visiting Pinterest are there to be sold to. 93% of Pinterest users have planned a future purchase using their pins and 87% have bought something as a direct result. Their baskets are also larger than visitors from other sites, usually spending over £45 per visit and typically they earn nearly 10% more than non-users. The majority of Pinterest users also prefer to follow brands over people and as a result for every 3 pins created, 2 are from businesses.
  3. Referral traffic rates are high – it has been found that over 5% of all referral traffic to websites come from Pinterest, this is second only to Facebook (which staggeringly is responsible for 25% of all traffic).
  4. Pinterest can help with planning – it is easy to spot emerging trends and popular pins on the Pinterest website. Their search feature even displays popular keywords and trending products in real time, allowing you to plan products and services that meet demand.
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