Our top 5 tips for Writing a Newsletter.

Our top 5 tips for Writing a Newsletter.

Our Top Five Tips for Writing a Newsletter.

You sit down to write a newsletter to send out to your customers, but where do you start?

It’s important to have a think about how long it has been since you last wrote to them.

What has been happening in your business that is noteworthy and relevant to them?

Here are our Top Tips to help you to put together a newsletter that will grab onto and hold your customer’s attention and also encourage them to continue supporting your business.

1-The Title

If the title of the newsletter doesn’t immediately grab your reader’s attention, then the chances are, they won’t read the main body of the newsletter. Make it sharp, punchy, relevant and to the point. i.e. Brand New Product Launching Soon.

This is the initial point of contact between you and your readers, the first time that they may have heard from you in a while, it’s your chance to capture their attention in a split second. Put some real thought into it. It might be that the title of the newsletter doesn’t come to you until after you’ve written it.

Think about your own inbox, I’m sure there are many emails that you’ve deleted because the message title hasn’t caught your attention!

2- Stories from inside your business

Consumers and clients love to hear what you’ve been up to behind the scenes, especially at the moment. Have you redecorated during lockdown, refined your skills or brushed up on some training which will elevate your offerings in some way once the business is ready to function at 100% again? Tell them what you’ve been spending time doing and encourage them to visit when they are able. Even if you don’t think you have much to tell them, your customers would enjoy hearing that although you may be closed to the public, you’re still working hard behind the scenes. Perhaps you could share that your staff are safe, orders are being received and processed, albeit slightly slower, and that you are grateful for the support.

3-Any new products or incentives

Are you developing a new product? You could put up a notice here asking for volunteers to try out new products and give you feedback.

Have you launched a new product or service? This is a great way of enticing visitors to your business and exciting them about what they are missing. Try not to give everything away, leave them wanting to know more and that way they’ll look for more ways to interact with you.

4-Special offers

Tell your customers or visitors about any special offers, deals or online voucher codes that you have running. Make sure you include the discount code, a link to the website and the expiry date. Could you launch a code that is exclusive to your newsletter readers? Make them feel special.

5- Colour

Make your newsletter eye catching and try to keep it on brand. Use the same font and text size for every edition. Keep the layout similar by adding in text blocks and use imagery that is relevant to the content. Also ensure that your social media icons are added into the layout and that when clicked on, they work correctly and take the reader straight to the correct page.

Ensure that the newsletter has a personal feel. Make the customer feel like you really care what they think and that you’re enjoying spending time writing to them, don’t let it feel rushed

Now you’re equipped with the basics, go forth and write to your followers.

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