How to Work With Influencers

Huge brands such as Adidas have embraced influencer marketing but the great thing about such PR is it can suit a company with any budget. Whatever your budget, it is important not to just offer free products or services to any blogger you come across. It is vital that you target the best influencers for your company and you do so in the right way.

Choosing Your Influencers.

When approaching influencers, it is important that you filter through the millions of accounts out there offering what may seem like a similar PR opportunity. Firstly you need to decide what the aim of the collaboration would be and who you hope to attract to your brand. This will help you work out which influencers could be best for you and your company. If you own a hotel for example check if there are existing hotel reviews on the influencer’s website or social media, does it match the type of PR you would like to receive for your business, are the reviewed brands similar to yours and are their followers close to your ideal client?

How to Approach & What to Expect.

Some influencers will approach you, others you will need to seek out yourself. This does not need to be a daunting prospect however, it can be as easy as direct messaging a influencer on their social media channel, others prefer email and some you will need to go through an agent or PR company first. It will usually be listed on their website which is their preferred method of contact under a tab named “work with me” or “contact”.

We would suggest that in any correspondence with influencers you state very clearly what you propose to offer and what you expect in return. In all aspects of business, miscommunication or misunderstanding can lead to disappointment therefore be clear in your expectations. An example may be “we would love to invite you to our restaurant for a free two-course lunch for two, in return for a review on your website which is to be shared across all of your social media channels. Please note two drinks per person will also be included”. Such a statement details what is expected by each party, there may be some further negotiation needed but it is a good starting point. Remember the larger the influencer’s following, the higher the ‘cost’ will be to you. It used to be said that payment or gifts should be equal to £10 per 1,000 followers, however it really is down to the individual influencer what they charge or expect.



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