How to use your wall planner

Wall Planner

How to use your wall planner

No one has ever made a media planner like this one before and it’s no wonder they are selling fast at just £29.

To get the most out of this awesome resource we have put together a top guide on how to use your media planner. Click here to buy yours. Once ordered it takes about 5 days for delivery via myhermes.

How to use your media planner:

  1. Get it up on the wall somewhere you will see it every day.
  2. Circle all the National Awareness Days which are relevant to your business, for most sectors there are usually one, two or three obviously relevant days, but there are usually another handful of days which can be tied into PR opportunities.
  3. Look ahead at the Awards coming up and decide which are a good fit for your brand and circle the deadlines. It is better to enter one or two awards rather than try to enter them all. Great Taste Awards are a fab place to start.
  4. If Events are right for your brand at this stage, highlight which of the big consumer or trade food and drinks events or exhibitions will be a good fit.
  5. A media planner should be constantly developing and updating as time goes by, the media is never static and nor is business so keep it up to date as you go, adding in the events and awards which are specific to your particular region or niche. With help from our initial PR strategy consultation call you will have a better idea of which direction you are heading in.
  6. Look at the publication lead times for each month and make sure that the press releases are tailored appropriately for what each publication type is working on.

The media planner cannot cover every single possible date in the food and drinks calendar it would have to be the size of a house to include every last regional food and drink festival but we have put our heads together to make sure that we have covered all the national food, drink and lifestyle events, awards and national awareness days.

Buy yours here for just £29.

Look out for our blogs offering tips and advice on how to generate PR for your business.

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