Different Types of PR

It is a common misconception that public relations (PR) purely relates to working with the media and sending out press releases, however there are many other different types of PR that you should also be working on within your business. We have described a few of the other types of PR below.


Social Media

It is very likely that you already use social media as a form of marketing for your business but social media also has huge PR potential. Social media has been home to some of the best PR successes over recent years. Social media creates a unique place for PR, where your customer communications can be viewed by the rest of the world. The most successful brand accounts show their human side via their social media channels and they usually do so with a great sense of humour.


Internal Communications

Internal PR, also known as employee relations, is the task of ensuring your staff have a positive view of your business and remain loyal. This can be achieved in numerous ways including; creating internal communications such as newsletters, organising employee events and resolving issues quickly. Keep your staff feeling happy, valued and informed and they should reward you with loyalty and productivity.


Community Engagement

The aim of community relations is to gain support and loyalty within your local area. This is usually gained by developing a mutually beneficial relationship with your local community. Small businesses can achieve this by sponsoring local events, sports teams, educational programmes or clean-up activities. Support could be financial, via a donation, or involve willing employee participation.

Good community relations could help generate new business through the contacts you make. It could also increase employee pride (mentioned above) and make your business more attractive to new employees.




So when you are next thinking about your PR, remember it is about more than just sending out press releases and badgering magazine editors.



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