About us

Sharpen Your Brand is a brand analysis and communications consultancy perfect for start-up and growing businesses in the food and beverage industry. Our creative communications team has decades of experience growing brands. We can quickly cut through all the noise and advise you where to spend time and budget most effectively to reach your business objectives in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Do you spend a lot of time wondering how best to promote your brand or product range? Perhaps you spend money boosting social media posts, or buying one-off adverts in a magazine? Do you wonder if any of this is actually working to boost your brand?


What you need is a plan!


After all, your business is different. Your story is unique. And your journey will look like no other.

Book a “Sharpen your Brand” session and start working on your completely bespoke brand strategy session with our team of food marketing experts. Then, roll straight into your monthly planning strategy “Stay Sharp”. We will help you to identify your messaging and your communications focus. You will know exactly which platforms, tactics and activities you should be working on, how to tailor your content for each different outlet and what you should be planning now, for later.

Book a “Sharpen your Brand” session today.